Local Authority Building & Maintenance

Since its launch in 1985, LABM has been an essential information resource for its target audience of council specifiers, housing and maintenance managers, surveyors, contractors, architects and education and health authorities. In 2016, the magazine expanded its reach to include housing associations.

The publication now offers in-depth coverage of the construction and maintenance of the entire social housing and public buildings sector. LABM’s readership is responsible for a diverse stock portfolio from housing, schools, leisure and community facilities to healthcare and public buildings.

The magazine is published 10 times a year and benefits from an unrivalled ABC-audited circulation – we only target those working on local authority and housing association building and refurbishment projects. Continuous investment in the circulation ensures LABM goes to the right people. As a result, we have the largest available number of individually requested building-related readers in the sector, which means LABM offers a better penetration into this market than any other magazine.

LABM is supported by a website,, which provides an outlet for up-to-the-minute industry news, views, events and polls, as well as featuring exclusive article content. A weekly newsletter complements the online content.

You can also view an archive of PDF versions of the magazine here:

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The Team

Claire Clutten

01923 237799

Claire Clutten joined Hamerville Media Group in 2000, after completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism at West Herts College, and has been editor of LABM since 2007. Prior to that she edited HABM for three and a half years. Historically, LABM’s main focus has always been on local authorities; in 2016 Claire evolved the magazine into a publication aimed at serving both the public and housing association sectors. Since then she has continued to build strong relationships across the sector to ensure the magazine reflects the breadth and diversity of the work undertaken by councils and housing associations. This includes getting the Association of Retained Council Housing (ARCH) on board to provide regular opinion pieces for the magazine, reporting on projects and introducing a variety of new features, from International Perspective and Legal Update, to Offsite Insights and Road to Zero Carbon, as well as helping to grow LABM’s digital presence. Claire also has a BA (Hons) Degree in History from Teesside University.

Advertisement Manager
Dave Jones

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